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couple touring a home with their real estate agent

What to Look for in a Starter Home

Congratulations on your decision to purchase your first house. It’s a big step and one to be celebrated.

Now that you’re ready to start scouring the market for listings, the team at Chorey & Associates Realty, Ltd. is going to tell you what to look for in a starter home. We are intimately familiar with the listings for homes for sale in Northern Suffolk, VA, and happy to share the benefit of our knowledge and insight.

The primary thing to keep in mind is that it’s best not to let emotions rule your decision. You may find a home that you love, but it could be way out of your price range. It’s important to buy a house you can afford to you avoid any financial difficulties down the road. At this particular time, our local market is hot and with limited inventory, potential buyers are encountering bidding wars. Stick to you budget and hold out for the right home so you don’t get yourself into an uncomfortable situation.

When you’re looking for homes for sale, do your research about the location, especially if you are new to the area. Do you want to be close to your family, work, and the places and activities you enjoy? Are you willing to make a daily commute?  Buying your first home is not only a financial commitment!

If you have any questions about being a first-time home buyer, we’ve got the answers. Please contact Chorey & Associates Realty, Ltd., and our experienced professionals will help make your dreams of home ownership a reality. We love what we do and we get results!