Need Help Selling Your Home During the Holidays?

Your house has a lot to offer a potential buyer, but it can be challenging to showcase its features during the winter months. The cold days can put a damper on people’s spirits, but there are some simple ways to turn that around and create an enticing look and feel for property showings. Discover a few tips below to help you sell your home this winter:Suffolk Real Estate

Decorate for the Holidays

Many staging experts will say to remove personal belongings such as photographs because it is more difficult for the potential buyer to envision their family living in the space. However, we recommend decorating for the upcoming holidays, just don’t get too carried away. Simple, uncluttered, and inviting decorations will make your home welcoming to potential buyers.

Connect with Trusted Real Estate Agents

The month of December can seem hectic with planning for the upcoming holidays, so if you are trying to sell your home, you need to connect with a real estate agent who is dedicated to helping you. When an experienced agent is in your corner, he or she knows how to generate interest in your property and bring potential buyers right to your front door.

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Why You Should Choose Our Real Estate Agents

Once you decide to sell your home or buy a house, the next decision you have to make is which real estate company you are going to choose to help you through this journey. Whether you are a first-time home buyer or you are selling a property, the team at Chorey & Associates Realty, Ltd. is here for you every step of the way.

Knowledge of the Area

When it comes to knowing the area, our Realtors are informed on current listings and most of us have lived in the Suffolk area for many years. When you are searching for a home to buy, you want to hire a real estate agent who can help you explore all options within your criteria and budget. We consider ourselves the “Suffolk Specialist” and have extensive knowledge of Suffolk, VA,Land for Sale in Suffolk VA and the surrounding areas, including but not limited to Isle of Wight County, Southampton County, and all of Hampton Roads.

Experience Negotiating

To help you get the best deal on the house of your dreams, our team will use experience and dedication to make sure you get the ideal price and exactly what you want. Every situation is unique, but we do our best to make sure you stay within your budget. When selling a house, we will help you negotiate the price during the sale to ensure you get the asking price or as close to it as possible.

Buying & Selling

From listing your home to looking for land for sale in Suffolk, VA, and the surrounding communities, we look forward to helping you with all of your real estate needs. Our team has the experience you need when it comes to real estate. We are proudly continuing our “Tradition of Excellence”.

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Understanding Different Types of Home Loans

Are you unsure of which type of home loan is right for you and your family? The team at Chorey & Associates Realty, Ltd. wants to help you, so we have listed some of the choices below that will allow you to determine which option may be the ideal choice for your situation.Homes for Sale in Northern Suffolk VA

Fixed-Rate Loans

This is the most common type of mortgage. A fixed-rate home loan is a mortgage loan with an interest rate that remains the same throughout the life of the loan. This guarantees monthly payment stability for as long as you have the loan.

Adjustable-Rate Loans

An adjustable-rate mortgage has an interest rate that can periodically change throughout the life of the loan. This means your monthly payments can increase and decrease from time to time.

FHA Loans

Are you considering an FHA loan to purchase your home? Many first-time homebuyers often choose this option because it requires less of a down payment which is ideal for many young adults.

Now that you are aware of a few home loan options, you can feel more confident about looking for homes for sale in Northern Suffolk, VA, and surrounding areas with our team. Call us at (757) 539-7451 and we can help turn your dreams of home into reality!

Why a Home Inspection is Important

Are you investing in a residential property? Before the deal is finalized and you pay a lot of money for a house, you should have a home inspection completed. There are many advantages to having a skilled professional evaluate your future home before signing the papers, and we have listed a couple of the reasons below.Suffolk Real Estate

Determine Current Value of Home

One of the main reasons people have a house inspected is to determine the overall value of the property. In addition to the size of the lot and the condition of the house, a thorough home inspection can help to determine the true value of a property. A professional inspection can reveal minor and major issues that may not be immediately visible during an initial tour of the property and could prove to be costly repairs.

Locate Minor & Major Issues

During the inspection, a qualified inspector will look at every part of the house trying to locate any issues no matter how small or big. Before buying a home, you want to know that everything is up to code and if there are structural, mechanical, electrical, and possibly other issues that need to be addressed before you move your family into a new home.

Useful in Negotiations

If there are issues with the home, you can use the inspection report when negotiating with the seller for a better price and/or for having certain issues resolved before closing.

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Great Home Improvement Projects to Increase Value of Your Home

Increase the chance of selling your property with some easy home improvement projects. Here are a few projects that you can tackle yourself without breaking the bank:

Adding Plants to Your Yard

Curb appeal is a must when you are trying to sell your house. By adding new plants into your yard and touching up the landscaping, you will have a better chance of selling your home faster.Houses For Sale in Suffolk VA

Paint Your Front Door

Is your front door dull? Add a pop of color by painting it! Having an inviting entrance into your home will help when potential buyers come for a tour. Remember, you get one chance for a first impression. Make your front entrance welcoming.

Upgrade a Bathroom

Bathrooms help sell homes, along with kitchens, but renovating a bathroom can be costly. Instead, you can invest a little money into upgrading a bathroom with some fresh paint, a new floor, or new hardware for the sink and shower. The little touches can go a long way.


Everyone loves an outdoor space for entertaining or unwinding after a long day at work. If your home has a deck or patio, be sure it is in good condition and repair any areas that need it. If your house currently does not feature an outdoor area, consider adding one.

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Changing Seasons: Get Your Home Ready for Cold Weather

The cold weather is quickly approaching, and we know you are excited for cozy nights at home with your family. However, before you kick back and relax, there are certain things you should do to prepare your home for these upcoming colder months. Take a look at the list below.

Remove Debris from Gutters

From leaves to sticks and dirt, your gutters can fill up quickly especially during the autumn months. You should prioritize cleaning out your gutters and inspect for any problems that may prevent your home drainage system from operating efficiently.

Clean Fireplace

Before using your fireplace, have it professionally cleaned along with the chimney. By doing this early in the autumn months, it will allow a professional to identify and repair any problems before you are ready to use it for the colder months. A clean, well-maintained fireplace and chimney will help keep you and your family cozy while operating safely and efficiently.

Check Doors and Windows

Don’t let the warm air in your home escape through easily repaired broken seals around doors or windows. You should check all windows and doors throughout your home to see if there are any drafts and repair as needed. If you do have warm air escaping, it will cost you additional money throughout the winter. Save money and stay warmer by addressing those problems before it really gets cold.

Connect with our team for additional tips to prepare your home properly or when you are searching for homes for sale in all areas of Suffolk, VA, including Northern Suffolk, VA, and Isle of Wight County, VA. Dial (757) 539-7451 to speak with one of our real estate agents.

Quick Tips to Stage Your Home for Real Estate Photos

Homes for Sale in Suffolk VAThere are so many steps that go into selling a home, including staging it for potential buyers. When you stage a home, you are making it easier for people to visualize their own belongings in this house. Every room is staged differently, so we have provided some tips for staging the living area in your home.

Remove Personal Photos

You should remove all family photos from this room because it is harder for potential buyers to see themselves living there.

Open Blinds

Natural light always makes a room feel bigger than it is, and people love to see how much natural light a room will get. You do not have to keep the blinds open all the time, but when you know someone is coming over to take photos or show your home, you should always let the natural light shine in.

Showcase Any Features

If you have any special features in the living room like a fireplace, bookshelf, or big windows, you need to highlight the feature by arranging the furniture.

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Find the Right Land for Your Dream Home

Land for Sale in Suffolk VAUnderstand what makes a piece of land appealing to you by reading some tips below that will help you determine what you need to look for when searching for land for sale in Suffolk, VA.


From in town to outside of the city limits, you need to decide where you want to live. Location is a substantial factor when it comes to the listing price for land. If it is in a prime real estate area, you could be paying top dollar for the property.


When you decide how many acres you want to purchase, you can narrow down the number of places to look at. Determining a range will help your real estate agent locate ideal properties for you to tour.


Budget is always something that is factored into the pieces of land your real estate agent shows you. If you have any wiggle room in your budget, you should let your real estate agent know, so they can show you additional properties.

From finding the perfect piece of land for you to build a farmhouse and raise animals to building a home downtown, you can rely on our team at Chorey & Associates Realty, Ltd. when you are looking for land for sale in Suffolk, VA. Call us at (757) 539-7451 to speak with one of our agents today. We are committed to excellence and WE GET RESULTS.

Finding Your Dream Home

Homes for Sale in Suffolk VAFinding and buying your dream home doesn’t have to be a difficult process if you have a dedicated, experienced real estate professional on your side. At Chorey & Associates Realty, Ltd., we are committed to excellence and to serving the needs of our clients. If you are looking for a new home, here are some factors to consider:


First, you should determine the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you want your future home to have. How many people will be living in your new home? Do you need growing room for expanding your family? Do you need a workspace at home? Are you looking for a large lot or acreage for gardening or farming? We can help you determine what you need!


Think about how close you want to be to certain places. Location is always a deciding factor when it comes to buying a home. If you wish to be close to downtown or further from city limits, you can trust our team to show you a variety of homes for sale in Suffolk, VA, and the surrounding areas.

Must-Have Features

From having a large backyard to an extra room for a home office, an in-ground pool, or a large detached garage, there are many must-have features for future home buyers. You should prioritize your list to determine which ones you can compromise on and which ones you cannot.

Call our real estate agents at (757) 539-7451 when you are searching for homes for sale in Suffolk, VA, or the surrounding areas. We are dedicated to our clients and committed to excellence. Contact Chorey & Associates Realty, Ltd. today. WE GET RESULTS.

Welcome to Our Blog

Home Appraisal Suffolk VAThe entire team at Chorey & Associates Realty, Ltd. wants you to understand how we can assist you with all of your real estate needs in Suffolk, VA, and the surrounding areas, so we have listed our services below. Our dedicated and experienced agents can help you, whether you are buying or selling your home or property.


Before listing your house or property on the market, contact us to help with a Comparative Market Analysis or schedule a home appraisal in Suffolk, VA,  to determine the value of your home. Our non-biased assessments are done for our clients, to help you understand how we determine the ideal listing price for your home or property. Once an ideal listing price is determined, one of our real estate agents will begin the process of listing and showing your home or property.


Finding the ideal home for you and your family can seem a little overwhelming, but when you rely on Chorey & Associates Realty, Ltd., it doesn’t have to be. We will work within your budget and the desired location you want to be in, so you can turn the dream of buying a home into reality.

From buying a new home to selling your house or property, you can always turn to the team at Chorey & Associates Realty, Ltd. for assistance. Call our office at (757) 539-7451 to start the process. Our team is committed to excellence and WE GET RESULTS.